The GEEIS  l is not only a tool that guides companies in their equal opportunities policy, but it conveys a positive, forward-looking message,  to build together, a better world, respectful of women and men as well as planet, to prepare a world of peace for future generations. and the empowerment of women is necessary to achieve sustainable and inclusive development
This standard carries the image and the fundamental values ​​from which they come, and also the SDGs, which are an integral part of today’s business thinking.
So GEEIS, which is  therefore in line with Goal 5 of the SDGs,  will integrate some of the SDGs : objective 1, 8 and 10  in particular.
This action, is very important because, it  goes beyond the Human Resources and Business Management processes.

PANEL de selection

The selection panel is composed of members of the United Nations and members of the Arborus Fund.


Vice – président UN CEDAW Committee and Chair of the working group on SDGs and on the partnership CEDAW / UN Women.

Mara Marinaki

Mara Marinaki is the EEAS Principal Adviser on Gender and on the
Implementation of UNSCR 1325 on Women, Peace and Security.


Senior Advisoir Gobal Compact


Special assistant of Dr Boutros Boutros -Ghali at UNESCO
International Panel of UNESCO Peace and development


Manager of the Global Programme on Business for Gender Equality for UNDP.

Cristina Lunghi

Présidente-fondatrice de Arborus