Arborus participates in the event on the invisibility of lesbians of the Other Circle IdF

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On the occasion of the international day on the invisibility of lesbians, arborus participated in the round tables organized by the Other Circle Ile de France and animated by catherine Tripon.

The question of the invisibility of lesbians is the same subject as that of the invisibility of women, because before worrying about the sexual orientation of women, they are all women and as such, all housed in the same place in a system of male domination.

The well-known man-interruptipng or man-explaining behaviors are for example valid for all women.

This is the fruit of a historical construction, it is a fact, in no way a judgment. But at a time when the new generations no longer make concessions on discrimination, whatever it may be, this subject has become major.

Arborus, which works for a better world, with equality between women and men as a lever, has been following the work of the Other Circle since 2007.

In 2007, Arborus had produced a study in the framework of a European program led by the Other Circle on "sexism and homophobia in the world of work" where lesbians came back to be very sensitive to sexism, while gays said they didn't feel it, because they were "on the right side" of men....

The interventions of the presidents of LGBT+ networks in the first round table teach us a lot about the many facets of the subject of the invisibility of lesbians....

To be listened think!