GEEIS, the Equality Labeling Process,
diversity, inclusion.


The GEEIS label assesses and recognizes companies with a proactive approach to gender equality, both at the parent company level and within their subsidiaries, which have chosen to use effective management tools for their gender equality policy.

The GEEIS label was launched on April 8, 2010 at the European Economic and Social Council in Brussels by the Arborus Endowment Fund and its founding members, large companies committed to policies of professional equality and wishing to create a process and a European culture first, then a global one on this subject.

GEEIS Diversity Label

IN 2017 in response to the growing internationalization of GEEIS and demand from companies, Arborus and BVC launched GEEIS-DIVERSITY at the EESC on March 31, 2017.
The audit methodology is identical to that of GEEIS, i.e. the audit criteria are evaluated by BVC by integrating the questioning relating to the diversities chosen in the company with the gender dimension.

Thus, GEEIS allows for an integrated and comprehensive approach to inclusion.


In September 2019, Arborus launched the GEEIS_SDG trophy, under the high patronage of the Permanent Representation of France

to the United Nations and Nicole Ameline, Vice-President of CEDAW

This new award demonstrates the inseparable link between the MDG5, which concerns equality between women and men, and the other goals, which aim in particular to save the planet without forgetting the goal of world peace, which is a common thread.

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Faced with the challenges of digitalization and more specifically of artificial intelligence, which has taken on an even more important role in the context of the health crisis, it has become clear to Arborus that it is urgent and important that automated decisions based on algorithmic processing do not disadvantage women or minorities, for example because of the quality of the data used or the design of the code, where men are still in the majority.
In addition to this issue of inclusion and therefore of ethics, there is also the issue of the necessary competitiveness of European companies in the face of global technological giants.
It is for these reasons that Arborus launched on September 7, 2020, as an extension of the International Charter for Inclusive AI launched on April 21, 2020 in partnership with the Orange Group, the GEEIS-AI label, under the high patronage of Secretary of State for Digital Cedric O, with the support of Elisabeth Moréno, Minister in charge of equality between women and men, as well as Delphine O, Ambassador and Secretary General of the UN World Conference on Women, and Nicole Ameline, Vice-President of the UN CEDAW.

In doing so, Arborus makes the GEEIS audit a strategic structuring tool that allows companies to measure their policies in terms of professional equality and/or diversity from a truly inclusive perspective.



The GEEIS and GEEIS-DIVERSITY labels are aimed at all European and international groups that wish to participate in the construction of a more equitable society based on gender equality and diversity. The framework has been designed for all types of companies, regardless of their size, configuration and activity, in all countries and on all continents.

Obtaining the GEEIS or GEEIS-DIVERSITY labels?

To obtain the GEEIS and GEEIS-DIVERSITY, the group must implement steering, training and communication tools to work towards equal opportunities. The labels are awarded following an on-site audit and a documentary study.
The certifying body measures the level of resources implemented and ensures the proper deployment of the HR policy in terms of professional equality at the parent company and in the group's subsidiaries that are concerned by the GEEIS or GEEIS-DIVERSITY. A series of criteria is used to assess the involvement and progress made.
The GEEIS or GEEIS-DIVERSITY are awarded for 4 years, with an interim evaluation after 24 months.


- Involve employees in a common project
- Lead and share best practices internally
- Ensuring sustainability of best practices
- Increase the attractiveness and retention of talent
- Improve intercultural dialogue within the group
- To promote the dissemination of a European and international culture of
equality between women and men and diversity
- To be a global marker of the most innovative companies
and the most committed to CSR.

N.B.: GEEIS-DIVERSITY is a complementary tool to GEEIS.



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