For the promotion of women in decision-making since 1995

Arborus is a 1901 law association whose purpose is to promote women in decision-making.

The association was founded in 1995 by Cristina LUNGHI, on the basis of pragmatic observations and on a proposal to change the organizational system of the Company from the despecialization of the social roles of women / men, of the enhancement of female talents. in particular and differences in general.

It is recognized for its expertise at the national, European and international level with the creation of the Arborus Fund.

Arborus has notably contributed to all the major legislative advances of the past 15 years through its participation in the public debate on these subjects and through its action to develop the privileged link forged between the business world and the public authorities.

Cristina Lunghi, was in charge of mission in 2003/2004 with Nicole Ameline, Minister of Equality and Parity, for the development of the Equality Label, launched by the government in 2004 and issued by AFNOR Certification.

From 2005 to 2018, Cristina Lunghi led the Equality Label CLUB, inaugurated in 2005 at the Ministry in the presence of companies holding this label.

This Club has offered for 12 years a networking of labeled companies and thematic working groups.

This club was at the origin of the advances made on the Afnor label reference system until the establishment of the Alliance between the equality and diversity label.

Arborus and the Equality Label Club have produced numerous studies and books.

Today this CLUB is preparing a metamorphosis.

Since 2004, Arborus has led a solidarity action in favor of the diversity of professions: La Courtechelle by Arborus

Arborus created as part of the action of the Ministry of Women's Rights in 2016 an anti-sexist app: Respect Me,


La Courte Echelle is a solidarity, voluntary project which was launched by the Arborus association on May 5, 2004, at the Cercle Républicain, in the presence of Simone Veil.
This is a sponsorship device, which aims to initiate a general movement of solidarity between women holding positions of responsibility in companies or in administrations, godmothers and young college girls, on occasion. of their internship to discover the company, the goddaughters. To know more :

The recipe for the short scale is:

- 1 college in a ZEP

- 1 company committed to professional and social diversity

- A desire for solidarity and benevolence


- Arborus makes the link with the possibility of classroom activities on diversity (subject to availability of volunteers)

- The day of the internship welcome by the president of Arborus or a volunteer depending on availability

- Provision of the KIT de la Courte Echelle by Arborus

- During the course possibility of animation of two workshops:

- Move towards diversity

- Prepare my oral

- After the internship, arborus organizes meeting sessions between godmothers and goddaughters.


Each year, the Club du Label Egalité takes a significant action. In 2016, he tackled sexism and created with Arborus, the Respect Me application, an immediate response to sexism. A way of talking about the subject from a distance and allowing individual awareness without feeling guilty.

The application is part of the campaign "Sexism, not our gender!" », Launched by the Ministry of Families, Children and Women's Rights.
A new, more collaborative and informative version of Respect Me has been available since March 2017.

Available on the App Store and on Google Play