SAVE THE DATE: Club Charter IA Inclusive

Date: July 06, 2022 at 5:00 PM


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Program of the Digital&Enterprise Crossroads 2021 at

Invitation to the Theia Foundation Conference

The GEEIS SDG Trophies will be awarded to the following companies: DANONE INDITEX

Diversity & Inclusion session with Cristina Lunghi & Fleur Heyworth (tbc) Explaining the

Cristina LUNGHI testifies about her professional career in the program proposed by Biba Pédron

The L Conference is part of the Lesbian Visibility Project of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities.

Arborus invites you to Bercy to celebrate the first anniversary of the Charter

Find the whole event

Find the whole event

A new opportunity to present the International Charter for an inclusive AI launched in

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Watch the full video here

Find the interview here

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The French Business Council Dubai and Northern Emirates (French Chamber of Commerce for Dubai)

This conference is organized in partnership with the Institut Catholique de Paris and the Faculty

In the presence of Agnès Pannier-Runacher, Minister Delegate to the Minister of

It is the first free directory, 100% Digital, which offers a unique database of

On the theme of power and governance. Valérie Hoffenberg, President of Connecting

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Join us, to participate in the conference, organized by the Delegation for Women's Rights of

Cristina Lunghi, President of Arborus, will participate in the SmartJob program on B Smart hosted by

Conference on the theme of diversity and social dialogue at the international level in

Cristina Lunghi will have the pleasure of sharing the round table with Janicka Bassis, President of the

On November 24, Arborus invites you to participate in the Book

The French-speaking Agency for Artificial Intelligence - AFIA organizes two days of

Read the testimonies of certified companies

For the launch of Equality Week, Arborus is one of the

Applications for the GEEIS-AI label are

"Getting recognition for parity in firms. The GEEIS label" by Cristina

This launch will take place under the high patronage of Cedric O, Secretary of State to the

Launch of the GEEIS-SDG trophy: the first international trophy that puts equality between women and men at the heart of the

Arborus will speak at this festive event which will bring together 500 women's networks on the

Arborus will host a Colombian delegation from the Ministry of Labor on the subject of "The

*ATFI Tunisian Association of Women Engineers. Here is the link with the program etc.:

Conference at Editions l'Harmattan, Rue des Ecoles - Paris, about the last book of

The international GEEIS label becomes SDG-GEEIS: A global indicator for companies in the