ENTERPRISE: "With its biased and macho algorithms, AI is likely to reproduce existing stereotypes"

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Isabelle Jouanneau - Entreprendre highlights the work of Fond Arborus and Cristina Lunghi which supports inclusive AI with the first International Charter for inclusive AI, in partnership with Orange, and the GEEIS-AI label which allows companies to assess themselves on the dual theme of gender equality and inclusive AI.

For Cristina Lunghi, AI is for better or for worse. The key is to avoid the worst. And to do this, Arborus offers solutions. Information, awareness and training of the actors involved are essential in this perception. To take this first step, Arborus invites you to sign the charter: https://charteia.arborus.org/signer-la-charte/

To find out more, here is Isabelle Jouanneau's article: https://www.entreprendre.fr/cristina-lunghi-arborus-avec-ses-algorithmes-biaises-et-machistes-lia-est-de-nature-a-reproduire-des-stereotypes-deja-existants/