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FAME Radio-TV is a media created by the journalist Nadia Bey, to allow the emergence of a citizen's word for a better life together.

For March 8, 2019, we were in the highly symbolic place of the Librairie des Femmes, created by Antoinette Fouque, an extraordinary woman who was at the origin of the Women's Liberation Movement, the famous MLF!

March 8, an important day to take stock of the progress made and the progress to be made again and again to one day achieve equality between women and men in all spheres .... 

March 8, International Women's Rights DayWith Fâme Radio TV, March 8 is all year long, however it is an exceptional day to take stock of the advances in equality allowing women to regain their full place in our societies.Nadia Bey, the founder of Fâme Radio TV has chosen to go in the footsteps of Antoinette Fouque, a great figure of feminism in France and founder of the MLF. Direction Édition des Femmes, a place full of history. Its director, Michele Idels, was kind enough to welcome our team. "Women, I love you", a program presented by Fadila Mehal with on the set: Michèle Idels, Co-director of the Women's Edition, lawyer, member since 1971 of the MLF collective) - Cristina Lunghi, President of the Arborus Foundation - Zoulikha Bouabdallah, President of the Lobby Africa Elles.

Published by Fâme Radio TV on Thursday 7 March 2019