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It is with great pride that I will launch the GEEIS - SDG at the United Nations.

It is about demonstrating that equality between women and men, their empowerment, is the basis of all social and environmental progress. On this basis, it becomes possible to develop projects aimed at saving the planet. These remarkable practices will be the subject of a specific GEEIS-SDG trophy.

The International Jury will be composed of major UN and European institutions.

The GEEIS-SDG aims to promote a better world, based on equality and respect, of human beings among themselves in harmony with their territories and environments.

This is a new step for Arborus and its corporate sponsors who hope to lead the way and draw in their wake all companies because there is an urgent need and no one can and should be left by the wayside.

This is also an opportunity to launch the Arborus USA Club, which will be led by Anne Claire Berg, DANONE, and to promote the Penicaud INDEX in our international approach.

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CP - side after event NY 18 March 2019-DEF