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On December 12, 2017, the Equality Label Club organized a leg of the Tour de France de l'égalité for Ms. Schiappa's Secretary of State.

The topic "For a non-sexist advertising".

After an introduction on the subject by Cristina Lunghi, President of Arborus, BETC and PSA presented their points of view as advertiser (PSA) and agency (BETC).

These two companies have held the Afnor equality label since 2004 for PSA and 2005 for BETC

It emerged that the recommendation was to "neutralize" the brand in order to be modern. The Equality Label, which PSA has held since 2004, ensures that internal and external communication materials are free of stereotypes and therefore a fortiori of sexism.

The Equality Label, which is a government incentive, should be further developed to encourage companies to review their communication materials.

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