A label for responsible AI: GEEIS-AI

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The Express "We are all" welcomes the GEEIS-AI label. It is a source of pride for two reasons:

First of all, it is innovative and crucial that AI be considered from the perspective of gender equality in an inclusive dimension. French and European companies must take up the challenge of GAFA and it is only through our specific approach that we will be able to win this game.

It is a question of being vigilant so that the world that is being prepared is not worse, but on the contrary better.

Secondly, the fact that women's networks are gathering around this project of a more egalitarian society. It is only by combining our efforts that we will succeed. The time is historic and serious and we wish, together, to propose a device for companies to gradually enter, with the tools proposed by these networks, to prepare for the GEEIS-AI label.