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ELLE & CO, the Solidarity Hub for Women in the Economy, is launching a call for signatures on the Charter for an Inclusive AI launched in April 2020 by Arborus with the Orange Group. Read this call which explains perfectly the issues that require urgent consideration of the place of women in AI and in the reconstruction of the post-Covid world.

Let's demand an inclusive AI to ensure equality.Dear all, Following the first confinement and its deleterious impact on the entrepreneurship of women, Elle&Co launched on April 14, 2020 a manifesto that some of you have signed and that has been at the origin of a wave of proposals to the public authorities. For your information and for the pleasure of discovering the messages of support, you will find attached the list of the 808 signatories of this manifesto.
Today we want to participate with you and with the strength of the collective in an important action: to promote an inclusive artificial intelligence so that our efforts for gender diversity are not impacted by biased algorithms. You can act with us by signing the International Charter for an Inclusive AI It is fundamental that women entrepreneurs make their voices heard, as they are important users and promoters of digital tools in society. In the space of a few months, we gained two years of development. During the confinement, the work and life habits and expectations of employees have changed to such an extent that we can speak of a silent revolution.Women entrepreneurs, like the whole society, have been impacted and will be even more so if the algorithms are not inclusive.
Yes, AI can be a tremendous lever for development and progress in all fields, such as education, health, environment, industry, real estate, etc., and also an opportunity to reduce inequalities. But the promise of AI can only be fully realized if it is designed, deployed and operated in a responsible and inclusive manner. AI must be built for the benefit of all, yet numerous studies show that that it is strongly impacted by gender biasThis is why we invite you to sign the 1st International Charter for Inclusive AIwhich was launched by Arborus in partnership with the Group Orange and under the high patronage of the State Secretariat for Digital Affairs, Cédric Oas well as Nations
United (Générations Egalité, Delphine O and the Cedaw Committee, Nicole Ameline).
The event at Bercy will also benefit from the presence ofElisabeth MorenoMinister of Equality.
The objective of the signature of this Charter by our networks is to put the women
women entrepreneurs at the very heart of this major subject, which is today almost exclusively developed and operated by men. PWN and the network of women in real estate WWIRE are also mobilized around this action.
Let's sign the Charter so that all actors who use or implement AI ensure that equality is respected by making sure that the entire data value chain is responsible and that discriminatory biases are identified and controlled.To sign the Charter, it is here:
We thank you for spreading this appeal in your networks, each signature, individual or on behalf of an association, counts! Claire Saddy
For the Steering Committee of Elle&Co - Cristina Lunghi, Isabella Lenarduzzi, Claudine Schmuck, Chantal Corbet, Aurélie Ponzio.