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As every year, Arborus celebrates the 8th of March with numerous interventions by its founder Cristina Lunghi

The GEEIS certification was honored as well as the companies that hold it around the world.

The month of March was a month of Sustainability and Women in STEM for Arborus.

New steps have been taken with the launch of the GEEIS-SDGs trophy at the United Nations, which will highlight the link between equality between women and men and the United Nations' sustainable development objectives, and the creation of the Arborus USA CLUB under the leadership of Anne Claire Berg, DANONE.

The presentation of the GEEIS trophy to Danone during a conference at the French Embassy to the United Nations in New York reaffirmed these two major steps. 

Cristina Lunghi, announced that the promotion of the GEEIS at the international level would be associated with the INDEX of the Minister Muriel Penicaud.

A busy and promising month of March for professional equality!

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