The Banque de France signs the International Charter for an inclusive AI

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On June 10, 2021, the Banque De France signed the International Charter for Inclusive AI launched in 2020 by Arborus and the Orange Group, under the patronage of the French State Secretariat for Digital Affairs.

Thierry Bedoin, DG of the Information System and Violaine Clerc, Head of Professional Equality at the Banque de France, have in turn expressed in beautiful speeches the challenges of AI and the ambitions of the Banque de France.

Thierry Bedoin concluded his speech by greeting "the initiative of the association Arborus, of Orange and of the State secretariat in charge of the Digital transition & Electronic communications, which propose the international charter for an inclusive AI, is particularly important in our eyes in that it joins completely our values as Institution of the Republic, in charge of regulation in the monetary and financial field.

Its principles resonate well with our concerns and our areas of work: whether it is the promotion of gender diversity, the fight against all forms of discrimination, the awareness of users, designers and suppliers to the risks of bias, the control of AI solutions through the continuous monitoring of their development and their results.

That is why it is natural for us to be associated with it and we are happy and proud to sign it today to concretize our very strong commitment to its principles for an inclusive and responsible AI. 

It will be an important element of our Banque de France reference framework, shared within the company, for deploying AI and we will integrate it into our "Better Data Governance" action of our strategic plan.

Cristina Lunghi, CEO of the Arborus Fund, said in her closing remarks that the Banque de France was "paving the way for the banking and financial sector in general with this signature and its commitment.

A signature that will undoubtedly give rise to many developments.