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Arborus responded to the consultation launched by Marlène Schiappa as part of the G7.

We have proposed 3 measures for professional equality in the workplace

  • the simplification of the legal framework and the re-emphasis of the Gender Status Report. This CSR is the basis for any action. It allows us to visualize the situation, understand it, analyze it and structure corrective actions. It is on this basis that an action plan and an agreement can be put in place.
  • The implementation of a parity system for maternity/paternity leave. We know that maternity costs on average two years of delay in a woman's career. Maternity is also an unconscious brake on the part of both employers and women to their progression. The same length of absence for mothers as for fathers (or both parents) would be the only way to permanently neutralize this period considered as a handicap for women.
  • Professional diversity is a major issue for tomorrow's society. This measure must give rise to measures that start as early as elementary school to prepare the breeding grounds for tomorrow's mixed recruitment in all sectors of activity and in all disciplines.