The Call for Legality, organized by the ThinkTank Marie Claire at UNESCO

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On Thursday, September 30, 2021, Cristina Lunghi, President and Founder of Arborus, had the great pleasure of participating in the Call for Legality, organized by the Marie Claire ThinkTank at UNESCO.

The opportunity to meet or re-met extraordinary women, committed to changing the world, for more equality but also for more harmony and peace. 

Cristina Lunghi spoke at the round table entitled Diversity and Inclusion: How can women help promote diversity and create a more inclusive world? " with moderator Valérie Hoffenberg who gave her the opportunity to talk about the International Charter for an inclusive AI and the GEEIS-AI label launched in partnership with the Orange Group and under the high patronage of the Secretary of State for Digital Affairs and Delphine O, Ambassador of the Forum Génération Égalité and the Ministry of Equality.

Cristina Lunghi was able to express her vision on the absolute necessity that equality be the priority for the construction of the new world that is the one of AI. Because AI accelerates our lives, research, our daily tools; it must also accelerate HISTORY so that the history of humanity becomes that of EQUALITY. 

AI is an opportunity to revisit our value systems and to deconstruct those of a world where the notion of dominant/dominated is set up as a system. 

So a world where the so-called "feminine and masculine" values would be in balance, would be a world that would join our European motto "united in our diversities"... a world of balance, peace and respect for the 17 United Nations SDO.