Ranking of the number of women in management bodies

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The trophies for this award were presented on October 25, 2021 by Minister Elisabeth Moreno.

Arborus is very proud that two winning companies have been awarded the GEEIS label... and not the least: SODEXO for the 2nd place and LOREAL for the special TOP 100 award.

Throughout the afternoon, punctuated by testimonies from companies, it became clear that achieving equality cannot be decreed but must be organized[1]and is organized over time. 

For LOREAL, Jean Claude Legrand, General Manager of Human Relations, described the factors that explain LOREAL's performance in this area as well: more than a century of implementing actions, a female management that brings a pioneering vision, a desire to be exemplary, including internationally.

Meka Brunet, CEO of Gécina, who won 1st place for the 5th consecutive year, urges her colleagues to come and take her place next year! 

Indeed, during this ceremony, the emphasis was put on the efforts that still have to be made. On several occasions, the Minister pointed out that the first law on equal pay dates back to 1972 and that we were not there yet with 15% of salary difference between women and men in France.
Of course, committed companies such as LOREAL, which has almost no pay gap, bring this average down.

Catherine MacGregor, CEO of ENGIE, concluded this inspiring day by inviting women leaders to implement solidarity in three steps: 1) lead the way, 2) show the example 3) be a mentor and above all a sponsor.

[1] Quote from Cristina LUNGHI in "l'égalité professionnelle mode d'emploi" editions Eyrolles 2002.