AI GEEIS a strategic issue at the HR Circle of Excellence

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On September 23, 2021, the Circle of HR Excellence organized the 6th Digital &Enterprise Crossroads.

This year, the topic is Artificial Intelligence.

Round tables animated by experts and HRDs and to which Cristina Lunghi was invited to speak to present the GEEIS and its new version launched in 2020, the GEEIS-AI, of which the ORANGE Group was the first company to obtain the certification.

Cristina Lunghi set the scene based on the study conducted by Numeum 

Indeed, the HR function is becoming strategic and a factor of innovation: GEEIS responds to this dual challenge by bringing a global strategic vision to companies through the development of HR capital and in particular through solutions for attracting and retaining talent. HR issues have become a priority and in particular, processes related to digital technology: recruitment, anticipation of needs in terms of work organization, time management, etc., are all major issues to be addressed. These are all major issues to be taken into account so that companies can continue to carry out their mission without obstacles. 

These arguments are all the more fundamental for the new generations who add an additional dimension: the quest for meaning. GEEIS and Arborus, through their values of general interest, solidarity, benevolence, equal opportunity and inclusion, and systemic change, are in tune with these new challenges.

The GEEIS is therefore more than a structuring, progress and measurement tool, it is also a tool for change and enhancement.