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The #MEDEF delivers its 10th barometer@ Armelle Carminati, on the perception of equal opportunities in companies

The good news is that equal opportunity in the workplace is and remains an essential issue for 91% of employees, with a strong focus on gender equality.

This study is very encouraging because it shows that employees are confident in companies and that they see the company as a place of inclusion. 

We also see that companies that have structured themselves around these issues have higher satisfaction rates than others. 

This corroborates the @Arborus experience with #GEEIS certification. 

During the containment period, @Arborus has seen an acceleration of this awareness, judging by the number of companies that have contacted us.

The challenges of a #IA #Inclusive make equality actions even more urgent.

This barometer reinforces the @Numeum study (link) which places 1TP4Human Resources at the heart of companies' strategic thinking.

Not surprisingly, we see that young people are very attached to non-discrimination in employment but in society in general and that they? Will be the guarantor of a sustainable inclusion.

Download the barometer :