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In partnership with the EESC's Women's Rights and Equality Delegation, Cristina Lunghi, founder of Arborus and spokesperson for the "Equality Label Club" chose to launch the International Label on Professional Equality and Diversity (GEEIS-DIVERSITY) on March 31 at the EESC.

Its theme was "Women and diversity in the world". Carole Couvert opened the conference; for the EESC vice-president, this label is "a strategic issue for the future of our country" and reminded the audience that all the topics of Equality and Diversity are "a real lever for the transformation of companies".

"It is a consensual subject between social partners since the national interprofessional agreement (ANI) of 2004 on professional equality was the 1st agreement signed by all the employee and employer trade unions... This subject advances when we have a full-fledged Ministry of Professional Equality, which should inspire the future government...