The year ZERO? Finally?

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The sanitary crisis of the coronavirus 19 has suddenly put us in front of our contradictions and the risks we are facing.
We are aware of these risks, or even worse, we assume them, through our daily behaviors where we put off until tomorrow what could save us today.
But this historical crisis has forced us in the space of confinement to revise our priorities, to look ourselves in the face, to be willing to react for once.
We applauded the caregivers every night in a fraternal spirit, we showed solidarity with our relatives and friends from afar, we learned to work differently. We dreamed of a better world.
But once the de-confinement started, its brutality made the world after worse than the one before, ruining all our hopes for a better world: masked, afraid, aware of the deprivation of our freedoms. 
During the lockdown, we have seen glaring, even alarming, inequalities reinforced between white collar and blue collar workers and especially to the detriment of women, faced even more with COVID19, who have become home schoolers, with an increased mental burden, not to mention the rise in domestic violence.
In short, the exit from confinement has created a collective depression that is the source of a real powder keg.
It took the death of George Floyd in the USA for the spark to ignite in America, England and France.
And since then, debates have been going on to alert us to the fact that our republican model has run out of steam, that universalism is being flouted, that communitarianism is endangering the Republic.
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