Legrand Group awarded GEEIS-Diversity label - announcement on B Smart.

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BSMART on January 12, 2020, Arnaud Ardouin's show "Job Smart" on the occasion of the 10-year anniversary of the CAs.

Marie Jo Zimmermann, co-rapporteur of the so-called Coppé-Zimmermann law and Bénédicte Bahier, HR Director of the Legrand Group the prestigious GEEIS-Diversity label and Cristina Lunghi, President and founder of Arborus were her guests.

The place of women on boards of directors raises the question of the place of women in the spheres of governance and their capacity to change the change the game.

The testimony of Bénédicte Bahier sheds a specific light on the specific light, as this young woman, HR Director of the Legrand Group, joined the the Executive Committee and has seen the situation of women evolve over the years. evolve over the years. Today, Legrand has 1/3 women on its Management Committee and 45% of women in its Board of Directors, which was not the case 10 years ago.

The law on quotas is a necessity and has brought France to the France in 1st position in the European rankings on the subject", says Marie Jo Zimmermann.

But quotas must be accompanied by a cultural change at all levels and in all spheres," says Cristina Lunghi. Cristina Lunghi, and this is the richness of the GEEIS label approach.

"It's true true", explains Bénédicte Bahier,   "that the debate should not stop at the should not stop at the Board of Directors and executive committees. It must not be the tree that hides the forest. not be the tree that hides the forest. What interested us in the the GEEIS-Diversity label is the fact that we are measuring ourselves against the presence of women at all levels of the company.

The issue of governance involves a change in culture.

"We need to We need to change the way people think, insists Bénédicte Bahier, " it is a change of culture both in the candidates, because ... often they stop before the last step stop before the last step because they don't think they can do it and recruiters who are still (mostly) men and the tendency is to recruit to recruit their own kind. But, because of these changes in culture, the fact that we are seeing more and more women in different positions of responsibility, we think that think that soon the changes will come.

To the age-old question of question of the profitability of the mix, Bénédicte Bahier answers : "What I can tell you is that gender diversity also contributes to the extra-financial performance that is measured every year. every year. And we consider that the presence of women makes a significant contribution. significantly.

In a world in full mutation, which must build "the world after", for a better world, Cristina Lunghi evoked the stakes of the mixity in the professions of the tech and in particular those of the AI "the efforts made by HR teams in companies should not see their results destroyed by biased algorithms...". This is the reason for the launch of the First International Charter for Inclusive AI in April 2020 by Arborus in partnership with the ORANGE group under the patronage of Cedric O, Secretary of State for Digital Affairs and the United Nations. Charter which is a first step towards the GEEIS-AI label.