Sarasvati, Where are the women?

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"The day after will not be like the day before

President Macron's sentence "the day after will not be like the day before" has provoked a great deal of reflection on the part of think tanks, associations, personalities, etc. Each of them, through their own lens, is trying to envision a new world, to see a brighter tomorrow. Petitions, open letters, "blows of gueule", etc, were published here and there.

When reading many of these documents that propose another world, I am struck by the fact that few of them address the subject of equality between the two poles of humanity: that between women and men. Let's take the example of "Nicolas Hulot's program" which puts this subject in 57th place! No comment!

Of course, the environment is an essential subject, but aren't we talking about the wrong subject?

The Covid-19 crisis has demonstrated masterfully that it is not the planet that needs to be saved but Humanity!

The planet, it saves itself, as soon as we, humans, disappear! How many charming videos have circulated on social networks showing us ducks walking in the Rue de Rivoli, deer in the streets of Senlis, swans on the canals of the Serenissima, which have regained their calm and purity ... not to mention the sky of Beijing again blue and transparent! Nature is stronger and more resilient than us! It is enough that we are locked up for two months for her to take back her rights!

On the other hand, humans had to disappear overnight from the surface of the earth, locked up within their walls.

But this has not had any effect on the thinkers and whistleblowers! A "green deal" is announced, and at the same time, the de-confinement calls for everyone to return to yesterday's activities as soon as possible! But apart from our dependence on nature when the opposite is not true, Covid19 has shown on the one hand that it is the cause of the increase of inequalities in general, but above all, that the most blatant and universal one is that between women and men.

How could all these thinkers have missed this revelation? How can we not think, as humans, that our most precious capital, which we must cherish and preserve, is human capital?

The answer lies in a long history, that of our own history, of the distribution of roles between men and women and of the social structuring which results from it.

But precisely, if the world of the future should not be the world of the past, then let us change it to improve it and dare to move to a system of equality. Because as long as the world is in its very essence, unbalanced, we can imagine all the solutions of sustainable development, the world will remain sick of its inequalities. The priority is to establish a fairer and therefore more sustainable world. However, today equality is only considered transversally at best, under a victim angle in general, not at all most of the time. I urge company managers, HR directors, CSR directors, D&I directors, etc., to act in this direction. For this is the meaning of HISTORY!

Cristina Lunghi, President - Founder Arborus