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On June 19, 2019, Arborus had the pleasure of hosting a Colombian delegation from the Ministry of Labor. on the topic of "Creation of a methodological instrument for the implementation of the Equal Pay Law" under the guidance of Jackeline ROJAS, project officer of the gender pillar of the European Union program EUROSOCIAL .

The purpose of this technical meeting was to provide methodological elements of the GEEIS certification for analyzing and implementing measures to eliminate the wage gap between women and men. 

"Salary inequalities are in fact the tree that hides the forest of discrimination," explains Cristina Lunghi. This is what Nyanyui Siliadin, GME CSR Diversity Manager at CAMFIL France, explains through numerous examples. He demonstrated how the GEEIS label enabled him to structure his equality policy and boost actions that would not have been possible without the audit perspective.

In an SME like CAMFIL, we had to set up new processes, innovative for a company of our size, and create specific devices to reach the objectives set by the GEEIS. Corrective processes on career paths and changes in our organization chart have also enabled us to reach the objective of equal pay.

A very constructive meeting, where many recommendations were made in terms of approach, method and expected results.

The Equality INDEX has been mentioned as an incentive measurement tool and is promoted internationally by the GEEIS.

But beyond the law that must guide companies, it is the understanding of the positive stakes that must remain the driving force and the example of GEEIS is particularly promising from this point of view.