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Forward women ! At the end of the year, the special issue of the Express L'Entreprise dedicated to professional equality makes a good place for our founding members - Orange, PSA and Randstad - and to Cristina Lunghi, general delegate of the Arborus Fund whose interview was chosen to introduce the " Professional equality, the winning formulas" .

The theme is at the heart of the HR strategy of major groups "Because women now appear as sources of added value (...) This was far from being the case 20 years ago" recalls Cristina Lunghi to the creation of the association Arborus. In this dossier, our companies explain the reasons for implementing very concrete measures in the area ofprofessional equality. A strategic committee professional equality has existed at Orange since 2011 because it is undeniable, and the testimonials confirm it, mixity rhymes with performance. Studies on the impact of gender on performance show that teams composed of men and women in proportions of 40 to 60% perform better than teams that do not meet/exceed these thresholds for either gender.

  • Because a winning HR strategy takes into account thelife time balance and both women and men have everything to gain (at PSA, Xavier Guisse, in charge of social responsibility, confided to us that 2/3 of teleworkers are men).
  • "To prevent women from leaving the company for lack of prospects", Orange has put in place measures to identify female talent: "women put themselves forward less than men and we need to go out and find them more", says Laurent Depond, Director of Diversity, Orange Group.
  • Changing attitudes. That's the challenge Randstad is taking up by organizing training days on stereotypes for managers: "It's essential because otherwise men will spot talent that looks like them..." explains Aline Crépin, CSR Director of the Randstad Group.
  • The virtue of labels? Cristina Lunghi who leads the Equality Label Club believes that they allow for long-term action and the evolution of processes by comparing ourselves with our peers. It should be remembered that it was during the mandate of Ms. Ameline (our president) then Minister of Parity and Professional Equality that the equality label was created in France 10 years ago, then the GEEIS in 2010 for Europe first and then extended to the international market.