Leadership for Women - MONACO - MWF February 24, 2022

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Thanks to Sowl initiative community and to @Patricia Cressot for inviting me to speak about the GEEIS label.

I took part in a rich panel with truly inspiring women such as Céline Cottalorda, Interministerial Delegate for Women's Rights of the Government of Monaco, who gave an overview of women's rights in Monaco and the actions she wishes to take.

Agnes Falco, Director of UBS Monaco who gave her vision of leadership. Karima Chibane, who is notably the Equality reference for the Ministry of Justice and who offered us a really well put together guide. To be read and distributed.https://cdn.website-editor.net/s/a7d4257412ae42f1b4a79bc61ed5cdbe/files/uploaded/Parlons%2520Egalit%25C3%25A9%2520Femmes-Hommes%2520-Karima%2520CHIBANE%2520DIRPJJSE%2520-%2520Version%2520Page%2520%25C3%25A0%2520Page_JZjfBIyS2rLUnMFLkBtQ.pdf?Expires=1648295198&Signature=CoWjla7BUYZBRIvSHKTKz4m6CsDKrDaGVpIT8xCn7KmK81bdqYLdOeFzFU7nVdAozjjFZh9nDHt1Fx1pNSlqwx20UdQSM2E3O2dXG-eO3FEOT23LWcLnXRNRYLXJbpcc6ane2zp9H5SwpLVFDbWvkdM6ELbsTkFNiDrK8P9JMFNRqxhMuDfyNmI~Cr9c4Bx8CWh69WLzjcMJl3yBUd61ZEh6NMX~u9I-~xSJ8Ot74kVVbnu9~w6JvANPhBO-R9yfUVA6Oy1~P79pBQLakMftl1ujmktGk5Dw4CebaDaTLJv5BXAhVrDhtGbLdz7hwFvzEFgxwSb8y3~YcZHwHfsRqA__&Key-Pair-Id=K2NXBXLF010TJW

Finally, Sophie de Lorenzo, Director of Partnerships at the IUM University, illustrated the place of women in Monaco with some figures: 40% of Monegasque women are in the workforce and 50% of them work part-time.

She is confident in the future because management is becoming more agile, diversity promotes inclusion and the new generations are very concerned.

The notions of #sorite and 1TP4Solidarity were discussed at length in the testimonies as one of the solutions that is needed in a society where our rights are now acquired.

As for me, I have retraced the long journey of Arborus (which is already 27 years old) and I have answered the difficult question asked by Patricia Cressot: "How have you advanced equality? Well, by a method, the GEEIS label, which proposes a structuring and a national and international evaluation of the equality/inclusion/AI processes: the SDGs, with international recognition (in 41 countries audited by Bureau Veritas).

The number of employees benefiting from the measures implemented, which represent several million on the planet, are themselves actors in the dissemination of the culture of equality throughout the world.

In this way, Arborus and its corporate founders and sponsors make equality a reality every day!